Thursday, 3 February 2011

"Json is undefined" browser error fix

"Json is undefined" browser error fix, stop the annoying error warning alert popping up (Internet explorer 8.
Little yellow warning triangle in the info bar bottom left hand corner of screen) then your in the right place.
Read on......culprits fingered! Divx browser plugin's or "add-ons" made by DivX software progamers to update
your internet browser, Were found to be the root cause these add-on's Help in the display of diffrent types of media.
These were found to be the cause the gremlin in the machine! Rip these little blighters out of the equation by disabling
them, here's how in IE8 at top of page click on TOOLS, Go to bottom of drop down list & click INTERNET OPTIONS,
Next click on the tab Programs, At the bottom is a box with MANAGE ADD-ON'S, Click on this.
 Now under ADD-ON TYPES ensure that TOOLBARS AND EXTENSIONS is selected on the left, lower down on
the left in the subheadings check through the list under each heading eg ALL ADD-ONS, LOADED ADD-ONS ect.
On the right go through your list of installed Add-on's and click on all the ones published with DivX printed in them
one after the other, (On my pc runnig XP I think there were between 3 - 5 instances.) and click on the DISABLE box
which will change to ENABLE once you click on it. When you are done disabling them all click on CLOSE to come
out of the manage add-on's window and next click on OK. Exit your browser and restart it for the changes to take
effect, that it all done. Now you can go bak to what ever it is you do online with out being plagued with this terible
affliction. If you know how you can even uninstall them all together. Hope this was helpfull drop me an E-mail at if you get stuck. Really hope this sorted this issue for you regards Jam-D-Man.